Business and Portrait Photography

With pictures we communicate beyond language borders and sustainably. Digital photo albums are shared and shared with others. With rapidly increasing quantities, the qualitative demands of users on images have also increased, which we share, process and consume in social media on a daily basis.

For me, being a business photographer means not only that I individually plan, authentically design and edit a photo gallery. Rather, it is about the sense of constructing authentic moments. And that's my job. 


Tips for preparation


With your current picture you show who you are. Sympathetic and competent you build trust in the digital world to your customers and leave a lasting, professional impression. Your portrait as a first impression. Potential clients or new colleagues will keep you in mind.



Outfit - for women


What should I wear to the shoot?


Bring some freshly cleaned and ironed tops or jackets on hangers. Monochrome fabrics work better than patterns. The fabric of your underwear should not be seen. The light during photography is bright and could shine through thin materials. Pay attention to the contrast to dark hair with a light or with light hair with a colored top.



Make up


Natural, be yourself! Get your make-up by a professional make-up artist. Please always have a make-up bag ready if one or the other line or lipstick needs to be retarded. No experiments just before the shoot.





A professional hair styling certainly contributes to the positive overall impression. Be styled by a professional hair artist in time. If you have long hair, we can start the shoot with open hair and finish with braid or high hair.